Keep an eye on your investment

To protect yourself on the warranties you provide you need a guarantee your equipment is put to the right use and maintained in line with best practices. Oil Advantage inline sensor, cloud-based technology provides remote and continuous insight into the state of your equipment.

Saves Time and Money

By eliminating the need for an extra pump, your installation time and cost are minimized.

Built to Last

Our products are built with ruggedized cables, and IP67 (IP69 available) water-proof connections providing uninterrupted oil condition monitoring for the lifetime of your equipment.

Supports R&D

Data collected over a given period can provide valuable insight on usage trends to help enhance your product development process.

With our complementary products, MachineWatch® and EngineWatch®, you can keep an eye on your equipment’s most critical components to ensure lubrication issues do not result in catastrophic failures.

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