Between a rock and a hard place, reliable data can help you find your way out. 

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Engine Watch and Machine Watch Oil Condition Sensor Technology

At Oil Advantage, our products – MachineWatch® and EngineWatch® – are easy to install and use and we provide technical support each step of the way, so you can focus on core business operations while our sensors deliver real-time, continuous data to inform your operational decisions.

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Both MachineWatch and EngineWatch are compatible with a wide variety of applications in the mining industry, including:

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Mining Advantages

Maintenance often comprises the greatest share of operating costs. For smelters and other first processes, it can go up to 30%. Underground mining might take up to 35%, while open pit mining can go as high as 60%. Making continuous oil monitoring part of your preventive maintenance strategy can help:

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We offer the industry’s most robust and reliable oil condition monitoring solutions. Our single-sensor products and cloud-based data management solutions give you better return on your investment.

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