Devices as rugged as your work environment

Your schedule cannot wait. You need a solution that aligns with your plans and delivers real-time, continuous and reliable data for better business decisions. Oil Advantage cloud-based oil condition monitoring in-line sensors install in less than 10 minutes and require no calibration, making them the perfect fit for your operations.

Delivers reliable data

Our sensors require no calibration and work with all commercially available oils.  They are maintenance-free, ruggedized, and designed to last the life of your equipment.

Optimizes preventative maintenance

Pinpointing the ideal time for equipment maintenance makes your manpower go further and gives you greater control of your schedule and budget.  By providing real-time, in-depth insight on the state of your lubricants, Oil Advantage removes the guesswork from your maintenance plans.

Improves operational efficiencies

A better attuned maintenance routine invariably leads to increased equipment availability and better results from your workforce. Oil Advantage supports your business goals and extends the life of your capital equipment.

With our complementary products, MachineWatch® and EngineWatch®, you can keep an eye on your equipment’s most critical components to ensure lubrication issues do not result in catastrophic failures.

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