Rental Equipment

Protect Your Equipment Even When it’s Out of Sight

Your return on investment relies on utilization and equipment availability. Lubrication failure can result in unforeseen interruptions and large unbudgeted expenses. Oil Advantage oil condition monitoring systems put you in control of planned maintenance and client usage patterns, and help you make better rental decisions.


Affordable Solutions

Our inline sensor is built to last the lifetime of your equipment, and requires no bypass pumping (kidney loop), saving you extra time and cost of installation.


Accessible Data

Our multiple paths to either your existing telematics system or directly to the cloud ensure your data is accessible from anywhere in the world 24/7.


Attainable Results

Ensure your equipment is being maintained properly when it is out of sight, and protect your investment from costly damage.

With our complementary products, MachineWatch® and EngineWatch®, you can keep an eye on your equipment’s most critical components to ensure lubrication issues do not result in catastrophic failures.

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