Easy Installation, Seamless Integration.

Additional products should enhance, not disrupt your existing system. Hence we designed MachineWatch and EngineWatch with simplicity and versatility in mind. Oil Advantage provides you multiple ways to integrate our inline sensors into your existing M2M/IOT systems.

Use Common Communication Protocols

Our products are compatible with CAN, RS232, Modbus RTU and more – making them easy to integrate with your current telematics solution.

Cloud-to-Cloud Solution

Use our integrated telematics functionality to upload our data to our proprietary cloud and an API to transfer data to your cloud solution.

End-to-End Solution

Or, let Oil Advantage do all the work – store and access your data anywhere, any time from our user-friendly cloud-based portal.

With our complementary products, MachineWatch® and EngineWatch®, you can keep an eye on your equipment’s most critical components to ensure lubrication issues do not result in catastrophic failures.

Discover which product is right for your operation. 

Take your system to the next level.