Frequently Asked Questions

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Return on Investment

Can your devices prevent catastrophic failures?

By monitoring oil contamination and oil wear, Oil Advantage sensors can detect failure modes early, helping to prevent eventual catastrophic failures.

How much do your sensors cost?

Please request pricing by contacting us at or on (+1) 800-872-6160.

How long can I use a single sensor probe for?

Oil Advantage sensor probes can be used for up to two years. The Data Acquisition Unit is designed to last the lifetime of your equipment.

Are your devices covered under warranty?

We offer a two-year warranty on both EngineWatch® and MachineWatch® products. This is subject to terms and conditions of use.


Can I use your devices to monitor water-based lubricants?

No. Oil Advantage products are not designed for water-based lubricants.

Can I use the EngineWatch® to measure water in oil?

Yes, the EngineWatch® sensor probe is fitted with a water-in-oil sense element.

What product should I use if I suspect there will be water in oil?

Both EngineWatch® and MachineWatch® products are fitted with moisture sense elements. EngineWatch® is designed to measure water contamination in combustion engines, whereas MachineWatch® is designed to measure water contamination in machinery (in hydraulic and gear box oils).

What oil parameters do your products measure?

Oil Advantage devices measure fuel in oil, wear metals (suspended, conductive), water in oil, oil temperature, additive depletion in oil, and oil degradation (as indicated by polarity and conductivity).

What oils can I monitor with EngineWatch®?

EngineWatch® can monitor any engine oil. All other equipment oil is monitored with MachineWatch®.

Are your sensors’ measurements comparable to laboratory oil analysis results?

Yes. We can perform empirical studies to calibrate our product’s measurements to those of your laboratory of

What type of wear metals can your sensors measure?

Oil Advantage sensors measure any suspended, electrically conductive wear metals.

Can your sensors differentiate between oil contamination and oil degradation at the same time?

Yes. Oil Advantage products can detect wear metals, water contamination, and fuel contamination while monitoring oil wear.

Do your sensors require calibration?

No. Oil Advantage devices do not require calibration. However, we do require a baseline measurement of clean oil as a benchmark. Measurements must also be temperature compensated to the machine’s average operating temperature.

How is the data presented?

We present your data (except for Oil Temperature and % Relative Humidity) on an Oil Advantage proprietary scale. During the pilot product launch, we will educate your team on interpreting your data, and offer ongoing, personalised support as needed.

How often do your sensors take measurements?

Measurement frequency can be adjusted depending on your needs. However, the maximum measurement frequency is once every four minutes.

Do you measure viscosity?



Will I need to replace a sensor if it has detected oil contamination or wear?

This depends on the type of contaminant. The sensor will require replacing if it is exposed to substantial diesel contamination in oil. Excessive levels of water in oil can also damage the sensor probe. Oil wear will not damage the sensor probe.

Can I use Oil Advantage sensors on equipment other than the equipment intended for its use?

Yes, if the application is the same: EngineWatch® for monitoring engine oils, and MachineWatch® for monitoring lubricating and hydraulic oils.

At what temperatures can your sensor and device operate?

Between -30 and 150 degrees Celsius.


Can I integrate Oil Advantage sensors with other condition monitoring systems?

Yes. Oil Advantage sensors are designed to integrate with other systems via serial protocols including Modbus RTU and CAN Bus for wired applications and via an API for server-to-server communication.

Why Oil Advantage

Oil Advantage gives you better returns on your investment. We offer the most powerful, most cost effective, and the easiest to install sensor technology on the market. Our single inline sensor has the ability to detect oil wear, additive depletion, water, coolant, fuel, metal contamination, and temperature.

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Oil Advantage gives you greater return on your investment.