Inline Oil Condition Monitoring, Priced Right

Simple install. Maintenance-free. Robust and reliable. The most comprehensive cloud-based solution available.

Inline Oil Condition Monitoring,
Priced Right

Simple install. Maintenance-free. Robust and reliable.

The most comprehensive cloud-based oil monitoring solution.


Real-time Data for Real-time Business Decisions

Our cloud-based inline oil condition monitoring technology provides oil wear, additive depletion, contamination by metals, coolant, or moisture, and other key oil condition parameters comparable in accuracy and repeatability to parameters reported by commercial oil testing laboratories.

Monitor the oil condition of power generation equipment.

Power Generation

Increase equipment availability, anticipate and prevent costly damage, and monitor the condition of your lubricants 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Cloud based oil condition monitoring for earthmoving equipment.


Upgrade to a robust and reliable oil condition monitoring solution designed to survive the most rugged environments. Easy to install; easy to use.
Oil monitoring solutions for the old and gas industry.

Oil and Gas

Streamline monitoring of your equipment oil condition with our easy to implement inline, cloud-based solutions.


Our oil condition monitoring solutions are designed for end-user convenience. From simplicity, reliability, and affordability to continuous, real-time data access and monitoring, Oil Advantage provides greater value at a lower cost.

Monitor the oil of your mining equipment with Oil Advantage


Rely on intelligent data to enhance your predictive maintenance program and reduce operating expenses.

Oil Advantage’s EngineWatch and MachineWatch install in less than 10 minutes, minimizing schedule interruption and increasing equipment availability.

Integrate oil condition monitoring sensors into your equipment.


Upgrade to Oil Advantage for quick and seamless integration into your existing product offerings.

Oil Advantage’s numerous hard-wired and cloud-based connectivity options make it easy to include in your solutions.

Oil Condition Monitoring for your Fleet of Heavy Equipment

Rental Equipment

Know how your assets are being maintained and prevent costly, avoidable repairs.

Oil Advantage inline sensors provide you a detailed 24/7 view of your equipment’s oil health.



Enhance the lifetime value of your equipment with oil condition monitoring technology that is built to last, easy to implement, and priced right.

Oil Advantage is the cost-effective smart oil condition monitoring solution.

Our Advantage

Oil Advantage provides real-time, cloud-based oil condition monitoring solutions designed to:

Our proprietary inline sensors provide the most precise oil condition monitoring data in the industry, detecting the degree of oil wear, additive depletion, and contaminants including water, coolant, fuel, and metals.

Oil Advantage provides continuous, reliable data to support better decision making and prompt action to protect your equipment.

Oil Advantage’s headquarters are located in California with offices in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Reliable. Compatible. Affordable.

How Oil Advantage Helps Your Business

Cost Savings Solution

Industries across the United States lose up to $240 billion annually to poor equipment lubrication.
Our robust oil condition monitoring solutions protect your capital equipment from lubrication failure, extend your oil drain intervals and reduce the cost of unplanned downtime.

Compatible Technology

The installation cost of many oil condition monitoring solutions on the market can easily exceed their purchase price, requiring complicated pumping and plumbing systems.
We make it easy and inexpensive with solutions which install directly to your existing oil reservoir. We also offer multiple paths to access the data, ensuring compatibility with your existing data acquisition solution.

Long Lasting Products

Our products are manufactured with corrosion-resistant stainless steel, rugged cables, and IP67 or IP69 water-proof connections.
Used under normal conditions they remain maintenance-free and last the lifetime of the host equipment.

With easier and more affordable solutions,

Oil Advantage gives you greater return on your investment.

With easier and more affordable solutions,

Oil Advantage gives you greater return on your investment.